Where Your Brand Matters!

ENVIRONPAC is your go-to for custom sustainable packaging. We have a dedicated sales and design team ready to help you not only reach your branding goals but make a difference in your community. Our approach is simple we supply our customers with products that are environmentally friendly, such as customized Kraft bags and containers, PET and rPET custom printed cups, non-woven custom reusable bags and so much more. From 80GSM to 200GSM and the lowest minimum-order-quantities in the industry, ENVIRONPAC has you covered. 


You demand the best possible customer experience that’s what ENVIORONPAC will deliver without exception. If you are not happy neither are we. We want be your trusted advisor when it comes to something as critical as your brand. Don’t take our word for it take the word of any of our hundreds of customers worldwide. Sustainability measures are positively impacting the planet and will drive how you buy your packaging. We will always be ahead the curve when it comes to the latest packaging concepts and technology. 


To Bring your organization quality sustainable custom branded products with prices and minimum bulk quantities that make sense. Our competitors claim minimum order quantities of 50,000 units is reasonable. Not ENVIRONPAC we have numerous programs to help you eliminate storage concerns.